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Action Plan for Jobs 2015

The Government's Action Plan for Jobs 2015, which was published on 29th January 2015, contains specifc actions and impact measures for HEIs around promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship education.


The Government has pubished the Action Plan for Jobs 2015, which is a whole-of-Government initiative under which all Government Departments and Agencies plan to work together. A number of actions and impact measures have implications for the role of Higher Education Instiutions in promoting enterprise and entrepreneurship education, which are as follows:

185    Map relevant activities in higher education institutions as part of the overall     strategy for higher education engagement with enterprise and embed     entrepreneurship support within the HEI System Performance Framework.

186    Develop an enterprise engagement strategy for higher education to include     entrepreneurial education as an important part of the national framwork for  enterprise engagement.

187    Set out performance indicators and measures to benchmark entrepreneurial     activity in Irish higher education.

CEEN will be supporting HEIs to respond to these actions through the range of events and projects to support entrepreneurship education across the sector.

The Action Plan for Jobs 2015 can be downloaded from the DJEI website along with the specific actions

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