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CEEN Vision and Objectives

The role of CEEN is to become the national network for promoting and developing entrepreneurship education, at third level.


The national network will have a number of central pillars, which will formulate a national infrastructure to deliver this agenda. These central pillars and activities are as follows:

National Communications Network

Promoting awareness and a greater understanding of entrepreneurship education and engagement of key stakeholders, through: -

  • Regular member’s newsletter
  • Annual Entrepreneurship Educators Conference
  • CEEN Website and online repository

Leadership and Culture

Stimulating cultural change to create environments in which entrepreneurial aspiration and endeavour can flourish for all individuals in diverse organisations including those in education, local community, wider society, public service and commercial enterprise.The CEEN Board will seek to drive this change by influencing national policy and by developing a comprehensive portfolio of support for HEI leadership around the creation of healthy entrepreneurship ecosystems within their HEIs.

EEE – teaching agenda

Institutional capacity building through staff development programmes for embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship within their teaching practice. This will be facilitated through:

  • Educator workshops, focused on supporting teaching practice
  • The ACE National Enterprise Educators programme for all Irish HEIs

EEE – research agenda

Instil the value of entrepreneurship research on the island through creating opportunities for knowledge exchange including collaborative research projects (e.g. international best practice exemplars), funding applications (e.g. to develop programmes of activity), etc.

In particular, the CEEN Annual Educators Conference will:

  • Offer greater exposure to international best practice and thought leaders in the area of entrepreneurship education;
  • Give call for research papers and showcase national and international entrepreneurship education research; 
  • Facilitate networking, knowledge exchange and collaboration

Student-led activity

Support student-led enterprise and entrepreneurship initiatives including support and guidance for new venturers, networking opportunities for enterprising students and entrepreneurial graduates on the island.

  • The Engaged Student Project is supporting the development of a national network Student Entrepreneurship Societies for engaging students in entrepreneurship learning activities.
  • Range of HEI led initiatives, including Demonstrator Projects, which promote entrepreneurship thinking and behaviours across the student body.

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